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Daily and Monthly Devotions

Last week I noted that Wednesday is a traditional day in the Church for devotion to Saint Joseph. Did you know that each day of the week and each month of the year has a specific devotion? Sanctifying each day of the week with a particular devotion helps us to develop a rhythm of prayer and a connection with the liturgical life of the Church. What is the difference between “liturgy” and “devotion”? Liturgy-- the work of the people--is the public prayer of the Church common to all peoples throughout the world. Liturgy is usually well-defined and governed by liturgical books. We are all called to Sunday (and daily, if possible) participation in the liturgy, where “whole public worship is performed by the Mystical Body of Jesus Christ, that is, by the Head and His members.” (Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy [Sacrosanctum Concilium], no. 7). However, in addition to the liturgy, there is certainly a need for private prayer: going into one’s inner room and praying to the Father (cf. Matthew 6:6). This is where personal devotions come in. Sacrosanctum Concilium notes this need in no. 13:

“Popular devotions of the Christian people are to be highly commended, provided they accord with the laws and norms of the Church, above all when they are ordered by the Apostolic See … These devotions should be so drawn up that they harmonize with the liturgical seasons, accord with the sacred liturgy, are in some fashion derived from it, and lead the people to it, since, in fact, the liturgy by its very nature far surpasses any of them.” 

As a husband and a father, I have a devotion to Saint Joseph; and, as a musician, I also have a devotion to Saint Cecilia. Of course, I also have devotion to my namesake, Saint Anthony as well as our patron, Saint Wendelin. These are just a few examples of many, but you get the idea. If you are looking for a way to deepen your prayer life, begin exploring devotion to certain saints or other aspects of the Christian life.

Here is a list of the days of the week, their designated devotion, and possible prayers to say throughout the day:

Sunday: The Resurrection and the Holy Trinity

  • The Te Deum
  • Gloria Patri (Glory be to the Father…)

Monday: The Holy Souls in Purgatory

  • Requiem æternam (Eternal rest grant unto them…)
  • Psalm 130 - De profundis (Out of the depths)

Tuesday: The Holy Angels (Guardian Angels especially)

  • Guardian Angel Prayer
  • Saint Michael Prayer

Wednesday: Saint Joseph

  • Litany of Saint Joseph
  • Memorare of Saint Joseph

Thursday: The Holy Eucharist

  • Anima Christi (Soul of Christ, sanctify me)
  • Litany of the Holy Eucharist
  • Panis Angelicus (Bread of Angels)

Friday: The Passion of Our Lord & The Sacred Heart

  • Litany of the Sacred Heart
  • Divine Mercy Chaplet
  • Stations of the Cross

Saturday: The Blessed Virgin Mary

  • The Rosary
  • Memorare
  • Litany of Loreto

And here are the months of the year, their designated devotion, and some possible prayers:

image.jpgJanuary: The Holy Name of Jesus

  • Litany of the Holy Name of Jesus

February: The Holy Family

  • Chaplet of the Holy Family
  • Any prayers to members of the Holy Family

March: Saint Joseph (as for Wednesdays)

April: The Holy Eucharist (as for Thursdays)

May: The Blessed Virgin Mary (as for Saturdays)

June: The Sacred Heart of Jesus (as for Fridays)

July: The Most Precious Blood of Jesus

  • Litany or Chaplet of the Most Precious Blood

August: The Immaculate Heart of Mary (as for Saturdays)

September: The Seven Sorrows of Mary

  • The Seven Sorrows Devotion
  • Stabat Mater Dolorosa

October: The Holy Rosary and The Holy Angels

November: The Holy Souls in Purgatory (as for Mondays)

December: The Immaculate Conception of Mary



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