Holy Orders

Holy Orders is one of the seven sacraments of the Church and is celebrated only when a man has spent years in discernment of and formation for ordained ministry as a deacon or priest. Any man who feels called by God to ordained ministry should contact the Pastor who can help him better understand how God is at work in his life and how he might respond to the Lord’s invitation. More information can be found at these links: http://toledodiocese.org/holy-vocations and http://www.vocationnetwork.org.
Religious brothers and sisters are not ordained, that is, they are not deacons, priests, or bishops, though they too respond to a very special call from the Lord. Any person who feels called by God to a life of prayer and service in the Church should contact the Pastor or Religious Sisters in the parish in order to explore God’s call more deeply and learn more about the options that pertain to religious life.