Foundation Scholarships

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Foundation Scholarships

Through the generosity of many benefactors, the St. Wendelin Educational Foundation gratefully offers the following scholarship opportunities. 

Each scholarship has an application that needs to be completed and returned. Applications are located under each scholarship.
Most scholarships are due by March 1, 2024.

Linda (Nye) and Jason Branwell Memorial Scholarship

Linda (Nye) Branwell was raised in Fostoria and attended St. Wendelin Catholic School, graduating in 1969. She was a very active participant in many school and church functions. Her son, Jason, attended St. Wendelin Elementary School. In loving memory of Linda and Jason, a scholarship will be awarded to two (2) students in grades K-6th who will be attending a Catholic School. APPLICATION FORM

Frank and Mary Bugner Family Scholarship

Frank and Mary Bugner were vocal proponents of Catholic education for nearly a century, starting with Mary’s first year at St. Wendelin School in 1917. Because of their passion for Catholic education, the Bugner family established a scholarship for a St. Wendelin Catholic Parish 8th grade student who will continue his/her education at a local Catholic High School. APPLICATION FORM

Raymond G. and Marcele M. Burns Scholarship

The Burns family established this scholarship in loving memory of their parents, Raymond G. and Marcele M. Burns. Any St. Wendelin parishioner who has been accepted into the seminary for priesthood is eligible to receive scholarship funds for: seminary school expenses and, following ordination, other related expenses. APPLICATION FORM

Emiel and Mary Cool Scholarship

Emiel and Mary Cool believed in the value of a quality Catholic education for their eight children – all graduates of St. Wendelin Catholic School. The Cool family established this scholarship for a registered 1st-8th grade student in good academic standing at a local Catholic School, and whose parent/guardian is registered and active at St. Wendelin Parish. APPLICATION FORM

Sharon Cool Memorial Scholarship

Sharon faithfully served as an administrative assistant for St. Wendelin Parish and School for 21 years. In her memory, Sharon’s family established this scholarship for St. Wendelin Parish students(s) grades K-12 that will be attending Calvert Catholic Schools to continue their Catholic education. APPLICATION FORM

St. Wendelin Educational Foundation Distinguished Service Award

This award in the amount of $1,500 is in recognition of the student’s outstanding commitment and service to our parish.  It is recognized that service to God and others promotes empathy, compassion, greater self-esteem, and a greater human connection.  This one-time award is intended to be used to further the applicant's education beyond high school and is open to seniors currently attending a Catholic or public school. APPLICATION FORM

Timothy G. Gregory Memorial Scholarship

Tim was an exceptional athlete and a caring person who always put others before himself. Tim graduated from St. Wendelin High School in 2004, and shortly after his death his family and friends established this scholarship for a high school senior who will graduate in 2021 and plans to attend college, has participated in at least one sport while in high school and maintains at least a 2.5 GPA. APPLICATION FORM

Amelia Winona Peak Memorial Scholarship

In memory of Amelia Winona Peak, this scholarship was established in 2009 to provide an opportunity for a St. Wendelin Parish family that might not otherwise be able to consider a Catholic school education for their child(ren). Students in grades K-8 who are registered at a Catholic School within the Diocese of Toledo, and parent/guardian is registered and actively involved at St. Wendelin Parish are eligible. APPLICATION FORM

David J. Shultz Memorial Scholarship

David J. Shultz graduated from St. Wendelin High School in 1961. He received a B.S.B.A. in accounting from Bowling Green State University in 1966 and served his country in the Vietnam War. In 1978 he married Louise, the love of his life, and together they were blessed with three children. David enjoyed cheering and encouraging his children in all of their academic and extracurricular activities. His love and encouragement led all three children to continue their education through high school, college, and graduate school. David was rooted in faith and always stayed true to his first love, Jesus, who was introduced to him as a small boy by a Catholic nun in grade school. He enjoyed studying the Bible and applying its truths to everyday life. APPLICATION FORM

James C. and Ruth A. Whitta Memorial Scholarship

Jim and Ruth were generous and faithful supporters of St. Wendelin Parish and Schools. The Whitta family continues their legacy with a scholarship for another St. Wendelin family whose student (K-8 grade) is registered at a local Catholic School, and parent/guardian is registered and active at St. Wendelin Parish. APPLICATION FORM

St. Wendelin Educational Foundation Catholic Schools Subsidy

Scholarships are available to registered and active St. Wendelin parishioners with students grades K-12 who will attend a local Catholic School. APPLICATION FORM

For more information on any of the above opportunities, please contact
Jolene Johnson, Director (419-435-6692 ext. 415; foundation@stwendelin.org).
Applications are also available in the St. Wendelin Parish Office.

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