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November 6, 2022


Dear Parishioners,

Many thanks to all of you who sent notes or otherwise told me of your prayers during the recent pilgrimage with Bishop Thomas. The pilgrimage was extremely blessed. Over and over again, I heard the Bishop comment on how overwhelming the special favors of the Lord were each day – always more than we had expected or hoped for. You can still review our journey by going to the Bishop's facebook page, or by going to the facebook page of Catholic Faith Journeys (Maggie McDaniel), the company that organized the pilgrimage.

On another note, you will notice that I have started wearing a different type of chasuble for Masses. It's called a “fiddleback,” because it is somewhat shaped like the back of a fiddle. I have worn this type of chasuble at all my parishes, beginning with the Latin Mass parish, my first pastorate. When I left Paulding, my last assignment, I left all these vestments for the next pastor, who was eager to use them as well. Only this past June did I get a set of my own fiddlebacks again. Somebody gave them to me for an anniversary gift. Then when we were on pilgrimage (as you can see from the Bishop's photos in Norcia) the Benedictine monks laid out this same style of chasuble to wear. I was reminded how much I really prefer to use this style of chasuble.

I prefer it because it is much easier to celebrate Mass in, with much less material around the sleeves. It is also cooler, with much less material. It also reminds me of the traditional Latin Mass, which I so much love; although the fiddleback is not a requirement for the traditional Latin Mass. The gothic chasubles that we have become accustomed to in the post-Vatican II era are also fine to wear for that Mass. There are times I am sure I will still wear a gothic chasuble: for example at funerals, since that chasuble matches the pall on the casket, or at events with concelebrants who are all wearing the diocesan (gothic) chasuble that all priests have; etc.

Have a blessed week!

In cordibus Iesu, Mariae et Iosephus,

Father Poggemeyer


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