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May 29, 2022


Dear Parishioners,

About a week and a half ago, we had a meeting with a representative from Peterman & Associates to give him our suggested adjustments of the initial plans Peterman drew up for our new storage/maintenance building. We liked the initial plan a lot, but as the design committee studied and discussed it, we realized numerous changes that we should make. The meeting to suggest our changes to Peterman went very well. Peterman & Associates will now adjust the initial drawings accordingly, and then we will have another design committee meeting to accept the drawings as final, hopefully. The next step will be putting out an invitation for contractors' bids. As I have written before, in the background we have all of the dynamic happening regarding our economy and supply chain difficulties. We have yet to discern how this will affect the project. Also, as of my writing of this letter, a very significant bequest towards the building (for $125k)  is still caught up in the legal process of the bequeather's estate. We actually had to fill out “associated person” paperwork – whereby I represent the parish to the estate lawyers – on three occasions; and I believe this was primarily due to typos that were not our fault. So, there have been some delays. Also, I heard that building material costs are up about 30% now. Again, we will be taking all of these dynamic factors into consideration as we move forward with the building plan. The building is certainly necessary. So, we will push forward, discerning everything as need be.

On another note, two weeks ago we had the first meeting of pastors and finance managers from parishes in the second wave of the Bishop's capital campaign, "Living Christ". That meeting introduced us at a very basic level to the purpose and procedures for the campaign. Only a couple days ago, Deb Brickner and I had a more intense meeting with our assigned campaign company rep. I had to write this letter before that meeting, however, so I cannot say much about it. It's worth noting that the parishes involved in the pilot stage of the campaign, and then those of the first wave, have knocked their goals out of the ballpark! It seems like the capital campaign company, and their specific methodology is super effective. The parishes that have been involved in the process so far have actually experienced it as a life-giving thing. There is certainly a need for the campaign on the diocesan level, and we as a parish will get back 35% of all money raised up to the point of our parish goal, and then 50% of all money raised beyond our goal. I will be working with the finance council; as well as a capital campaign group of parish volunteers. We will put together a parish plan for the money that will come back to the parish – for financial investing, for building needs, or for pastoral programs. Perhaps the plan will include something from each of these categories. We will be introducing a campaign prayer that we will pray together as a parish for the period of the campaign. Although there will be plenty of work that happens beforehand, the actual public phase of the campaign for our parish will begin in August. Thanks in advance for your prayers and support of this campaign. It's a win-win situation. You will learn about all the ways it would help the Diocese move forward; and you will learn about all the ways the parish will benefit.

So, there's the latest on the new maintenance/storage building and on the diocesan capital campaign – “Living Christ”. Have a blessed week!

In cordibus Iesu et Mariae,

Father Poggemeyer


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