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May 22, 2022


Dear Parishioners,

Last week, we had a design committee meeting to consider the first draft of drawings for a new storage/maintenance meeting. Peterman & Associates made this first draft. The design meeting was super helpful, as was the draft from Peterman & Associates. We simplified the design significantly. We discussed size concerns – wanting to plan it large enough, but not too large, obviously. One brainstorm came to me in prayer a few weeks ago: How about using the cross from the old high school building somehow on this new building? In past meetings about the building, it was suggested that we have some religious symbolism. We are considering mounting this cross on the front of the new building. That cross was graciously restored by our own Tim Reinhart, in preparation for future use. I think this might be the perfect use! (See a picture of this cross in this bulletin.) This refurbished cross turned out beautifully. It's now in the second floor hallway just above the East parish office entry. Stop by to see it. Please keep this storage/maintenance building in prayer. We'll see how it all develops with the economic dynamics around us now.

On another note, we will be trying our best to provide livestreaming of one weekend Mass and weekday Masses over these next weeks, while Anthony Gallina is away on paternity leave. This could be difficult, however, because we do not have enough volunteers. In the midst of COVID we started livestreaming Masses, to provide some spiritual nourishment while Masses were canceled. The Diocese was strongly encouraging this for all parishes. In the meantime, a generous parishioner gave a donation to make livestreaming a permanent structure in the parish. My purpose for livestreaming Masses, pastorally speaking, is to provide for parishioners who are in nursing homes or homebound because of sickness. Livestreaming does not exist to replace real-presence Mass for those who are healthy and should be in attendance, physically present. I know our livestreaming has already been very useful at Good Shepherd Nursing Home, and for many homebound parishioners. For the majority of our Masses still, Anthony Gallina has been running the livestreaming while he leads music at the liturgies, even while directing the choir! Help! When we were deciding to make livestreaming permanent, I had hoped that more young people would take interest in this work. It's technological. It's video work. It is actually pretty simple, once you get used to the structure of the Mass and learn when to zoom and pan into pre-established camera positions. Please do not worry that somehow the Mass will be invalidated by rough camera work as you are learning the system; and consider adding your name for this volunteer position. Again, for those who have been benefiting from the livestreaming, please be patient with us, as we try to solicit more volunteers, and as Anthony is away taking care of his family, with their newborn daughter.

On another note: As of writing this letter we have reached 68.8% ($34,667) of our parish's ACA goal ($50,329) for the year. Thank you to everybody who has donated so far! If you haven't yet donated, please consider a gift. The money supports the pastoral initiatives of the diocese; and the parish mission and diocesan mission are tightly intertwined.

Have a blessed week!

In cordibus Iesu, Mariae et Iosephus,

Father Poggemeyer


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