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January 8, 2023

Fr. Poggemeyer requested permission to use the below letter from parishioner, Mick Badik, for his weekly letter. He felt this letter was an important reminder of the pro-life resource in our area.

Dear Partners in Christ,

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Mick Badik and, since the end of October, I have been the director at Caring Hands Pregnancy and Parenting Support Center. My wife, Jill, and I have five living children ranging between the ages of 14 years to 10 months with the four older boys and the youngest a girl and one child in Heaven. Even at 10 months, Hannah, our youngest is running the house. We have lived in the Fostoria area for the past 12 years. For all that COVID has changed, one of the major changes for me was a great appreciation for the importance of family and healthy relationships. With the U.S. Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe vs. Wade, I resolved the personal need to support life especially at pregnancy centers. (Isn’t it funny how God will put an idea in your mind and then the opportunity arises. God truly does have a sense of humor.) Strong healthy families are what God intended and with His grace and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we at Caring Hands will continue to provide that support to those in Fostoria and the surrounding area.

As winter creeps in and the days become shorter and cooler, I become even more aware of the light and how special it is. Whether it is the light from Christmas decorations or from a fire, the light penetrates the darkness and brings me hope. Hope of brighter days, hope of warm greetings from family and friends, hope for a better tomorrow. Even in my few short weeks, I have seen that hope here at Caring Hands. Hope brought by the volunteers in helping women and mothers through a listening ear, a kind word or providing diapers or formula to a mother in need. Hope sparks change. Here is to the Holy Spirit sparking change in our hearts and the hearts of the families we serve.

Thank you for your generous support over the years with your prayers, your time and effort and financially. This ministry, which has been around since 1986, would not be here without lots of people’s efforts. We will continue to need support this upcoming year. We will need volunteers to help support these women and families with physical, emotional and spiritual needs and mentoring mothers and fathers. We will need supplies from diapers and wipes, baby clothes, baby food and paper supplies/toiletries. We will also continue to need financial donations to cover operating expenses.

Our ministry and your ministry are lights Christ has set forth in our area and, together, we can burn brighter. If you are called or interested in helping this ministry, please feel free to contact me. Contact the Caring Hands Office (419-435-2273; caringhandspcaol.com).

God bless,

Mick Badik & Volunteers at Caring Hands Pregnancy and Parenting Support Center


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