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February 6, 2022


Dear Parishioners,

Although it's not mandatory, I'm happy that once again Gary Fay shared with me the annual report of the Saint Vincent de Paul Society in Fostoria. As you know, I consider Saint Vincent de Paul one of our significant parish partners for helping the poor in the Fostoria area. In 2021 our parish helped out a number of times with projects. Sometimes this meant a donation from the “pastor's fund”. Sometimes it meant participating in a drive for various items that were in need. Also, there are a number of parishioners who volunteer generously with the Saint Vincent de Paul Society. Here are some of the highlights from the 2021 Annual Report:

  • Provided financial assistance in the following areas, totaling $50,906: utilities, transportation, housing/lodging, medical, miscellaneous. 252 clients were served in these categories. Additionally, 78 clients received donated furniture, household items and medical equipment.
  • St. Vincent de Paul is restricted to appointments only (because of COVID), but they continue to help families avoid shut-off of utilities, and provide gasoline for appointments.
  • 29 families received rent assistance, with funding from EFSP, in collaboration with First Call for Help.
  • St. Wendelin Parishioners helped build 4 handicap ramps for area families.
  • Received a grant for 21 new beds; and churches in Fostoria (including St. Wendelin's) helped provide sheets, blankets and pillows with beds.
  • Received 2 grants to help families with infestation of bed bugs. The exterminator used heat, rather than chemicals, in order to avoid danger to children and pets.
  • Donated items to 78 clients included furniture, household items, medical equipment.

St. Vincent de Paul is in good shape financially, and the staff is eager to serve the needy in 2022. Thank the Lord for the work being done by St. Vincent de Paul; and thank the Lord that St. Wendelin Parish was privileged to be a part of the work! I am very grateful for our parish partners in service of the poor. We could not do it so efficiently and prudently on our own.

Have a blessed week!

In cordibus Iesu, Mariae et Iosephus,

Father Poggemeyer


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