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February 27, 2022

February 27, 2022



Dear Parishioners,


In the last couple of weeks I got approval from the Diocese for the next step – the design/engineering – for the new maintenance/storage building we are planning to build at the east side of the main parking lot. I am approaching a handful of people to help with the design of the building, especially the exterior. We approached Peterman & Associates for help designing/engineering the building. Peterman & Associates was recommended to me because of past work they have done with the city of Fostoria.


I have learned that in the cemetery some people are leaving full bottles and cans of alcohol – beer and hard liquor. If you know somebody who does this, please ask them to stop. We are pouring out the alcohol and pitching the containers. I have some concern about youth who are living around the cemetery, with regard to the alcohol. The containers also look pretty junky sitting on the gravesites. I am still planning to research how best to approach the neighbors of the cemetery to ask that no pets be allowed to do their business there, and to ask that youth not do sports around the gravestones. We see evidence of both of these activities; and it is a lack of respect for our loved ones buried in this holy space. Once the ground thaws a bit more, we will be hanging some more visible signs with cemetery rules. Hopefully this will help.


I've heard from several people that they already sent in their envelopes for the Bishop's Annual Catholic Appeal 2022. Thank you so much to those who already have given! If you have not given yet, please consider doing so soon. No gift is too small. My bulletin letter last week laid out great reasons to give. I received my own letter from the Advancement Office of the Diocese just last week; and that letter offers the following list of inspiring ways last year's ACA funds were used:


  • Ordained to new priests and 23 new permanent deacons after several years of formation
  • Support the formation of 14 seminarians discerning and studying for the priesthood
  • Prepare more than 180 engaged couples to embrace God's plan for the sacrament of matrimony
  • Minister to over 2000 seasonal migrant farm workers at 70 different locations
  • Serve 57,940 meals at shelters and Helping Hands of St. Louis
  • Provide a combined 32,399 days and nights of safe and supportive shelter to families in need
  • Field 19,355 calls from individuals and families in crisis


That's an impressive list of pastoral initiatives that local parish donations helped to accomplish! Thanks for your generosity to last year's ACA campaign; and thanks in advance for any gift you can make towards this year's campaign.


Have a blessed week!

In cordibus Iesu, Mariae et Iosephus,

Father Poggemeyer


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