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December 4, 2022


Dear Parishioners,

The RESCUE Project has been happening at our parish for the past number of weeks. The evenings consist of a simple (but delicious) meal, a video presentation by Acts XXIX (especially its founder, Fr. John Riccardo) and small group discussions at tables. I've gotten a lot of good feedback about the evenings. The content of these evenings is essentially what was given to all the priests during our Diocesan convocation this past June, which was led by Acts XXIX. I've even had some priests tell me how helpful the conference was for them. I hope that many participants in our RESCUE Project evenings end up forming small groups of their own for ongoing faith support. I know supplies/direction will be provided to form such small groups. I've been in a small group of one sort or another, i.e., a spiritual support group, ever since I was 18 at the University of Michigan, as part of University Christian Outreach. For many years as a priest I have been part of a small group, which is modeled after Iesu Caritas of Brother Charles de Foucauld. (Where would I be without brother priests to tell me how weak and lame I am as a witness to Jesus Christ, and to encourage me to start loving Him?!) A once-a-month small group is the way to go!

We are finalizing details about this, but during this coming Lent, we will offer the RESCUE Project again, taking a break from our normal Lenten “Soup and Bread” talks. If we can get details finalized, the RESCUE Project will happen on Tuesday evenings, the same hour that “Soup and Bread” happened in the past. I would love to see a whole new wave of parishioners attend RESCUE Project in Lent, and/or those who have just gone through it invite others to join them for the first time. Please contact Jessica Pehmoeller with any questions.

On another note, this past week I heard an interview with Kevin McGary. He is a black man who started an organization called “Every Black Life Matters." He started this organization to provide a movement that can be an alternative to “Black Lives Matter;” because he realized the destructive, negative goals of that movement. Trust me. You don't want to support Black Lives Matter. A quick perusal of their website should convince you of this. I recommend to you “Every Black Life Matters," if you are seeking to support something truly life-giving. The website for Every Black Life Matters is: https://everyblm.com. Look at the bullet-point goals from their homepage: + REAL Justice from Womb to Tomb + Nuclear Family + Active Fatherhood + Free Markets + Educational Choice + Criminal Justice Reform + Non Violence. Black Lives Matter promotes everything contrary to this list. Parishioners have asked me about “Black Lives Matter," and the Diocese many months ago even gave its priests talking points to help us understand the errors of that movement. Therefore, I hope my recommendation of “Every Black Life Matters” provides a resource for parishioners seeking to be informed and supportive of this area of Social Justice.

Have a blessed week!

In cordibus Iesu, Mariae et Iosephus,

Father Poggemeyer


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