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August 29, 2021


Dear Parishioners,

Have you ever heard of our Prayer Shawl Ministry? I am way behind in getting this letter out to you, because it is based on information the Prayer Shawl Ministry leaders gave me after their last meeting in May. (They have another meeting coming up here on August 30th. Will you join them?) The Prayer Shawl Ministry, formed a little less than a decade ago, creates and presents/gives shawls to people in all kinds of circumstances, as a symbol of spiritual support and comfort for the recipients. The shawls are filled with much prayer as they are being created, and then they are always blessed by the pastor as they go into storage, or immediately before being sent out to recipients. Here is what I learned in May about the work of the Prayer Shawl Ministry throughout this past year.

- A number of our prayer shawls were sent to Baltimore and Florida.

- Prayer shawls are made in various sizes, including baby and adult.

- Six shawls were presented to families having baptisms. Each baptism ceremony ends with a presentation of a prayer shawl.

- Five shawls were presented to RCIA candidates.

- Since the beginning of the Prayer Shawl Ministry, at least 1058 shawls have been made, with 920 presented! About 2,000 pocket prayer shawls have been distributed!

- Currently there are 123 shawls on hand, including 16 baby shawls, and 9 quilted shawls.

- The shawls are sorted and stored in the parish library closets.

- One member recently created 3 afghans: 1 adult, one baby, and one veteran, as well as some pocket prayer shawls.

- One member recently created two shawls: one in oranges, and one veteran.

- One member recently created 2 lap robes, one in red-and-grey, and one in shades of green.

Meetings of the Prayer Shawl Ministry are usually the first Monday of each month, with the exception of September (Labor Day). Please contact Peg Beck if you would like to learn more about this ministry.

I love the way practicality and art and spiritual-comfort-by-intercession come together in this ministry!! Thank you to all who have prayerfully created these shawls and helped so many people over the years! [I wonder if the pastor will get one for the new rectory chapel? I don't want to be presumptive or apply any coercion whatsoever, but just in case: the color scheme of the chapel will be white, gold, dark red, and then cherry wood. The pastor needs a ton of prayer support, right?! … especially this pastor :)]

On another note, many thanks to everybody who made the mini-fest a success! I visited three times throughout the day, and it seemed there was plenty of life happening throughout the day. I was happy to see that the parish was even able to add to the kids' area, loaning some of our festival kids' games to the cause. It was good to accomplish the day as a joint effort with those organizing the heritage day, with the antique car show and the farmers' market. I am pretty sure this is one we will want to do again; and we will certainly have to meet to discuss how everything went, and what it might look like in the future. Thanks again to everybody who made this happen!

Have a blessed week!

In cordibus Iesu et Mariae,

Father Poggemeyer


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