May 2021 archive of News & Events

May 2021 archive of News & Events

Dispensation Memo

Posted by Melissa Kelbley on 5/18/21

The Dispensation from the obligation to attend Mass on Sundays and other Holy Days of Obligation is lifted effective the weekend of June 5/6, 2021. See the complete list of Liturgical Guidelines HERE.

Those who have a serious reason, the sick and infirmed as well as those with pre-existing ... Read More »

May Crowning

Posted by Jessica Pehmoeller on 5/10/21

"As we honor Mary, who is higher than the Cherubim, and yet like us, let us pray that through her intercession we may achieve holiness of life, and a deepened faith, hope and love, as we seek to do the will of God in all things."    It has ... Read More »

Mother's Day Baptism

Posted by Jessica Pehmoeller on 5/10/21

Louisa Evelyn Lovejoy, daughter of Ashley Lovejoy, was baptized on May 9th - what a beautiful Mother’s Day gift!

Please pray that the light of Christ burning in Louisa’s heart will continue to burn brightly and that she and her family will continue to grow closer and closer to Jesus and ... Read More »


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