Music & Liturgy Musings

Music & Liturgy Musings

Commemorations during Privileged Seasons

Posted by Anthony Gallina on 3/11/22

If you have attended or viewed a daily Mass since Lent began, you may have heard Fr. Poggemeyer explain a little about the commemoration of the saint of the day. What is a commemoration? Liturgically speaking, it is the inclusion of prayers of a lower ranking celebration in one of higher ... Read More »

Our Parish Lenten Prayer

Posted by Anthony Gallina on 3/04/22

“Remember that you are dust and to dust you shall return.”

We heard these words this past Wednesday when ashes were imposed on our foreheads. At the core of this clarion call is this reminder: we are exiles; we are not destined for this earth because our citizenship is ... Read More »

The Responsorial Psalm Texts: Why They Sometimes Differ (Part III)

Posted by Anthony Gallina on 3/04/22

In Part II, we discussed one reason for difference in texts: the translation methods of formal equivalence and dynamic equivalence. The other main reason for differences in translation is the date of publication of a liturgical book and which set of psalms was included in it. If we were ... Read More »

The Responsorial Psalm Texts: Why They Sometimes Differ (Part II)

Posted by Anthony Gallina on 3/04/22

Last week I scratched the surface on why the texts of the psalms can sometimes differ. The text in the Lectionary is required to be used in all printed resources; however, any translation which has received an imprimatur and recognitio from the Holy See is permitted to be sung. ... Read More »

The Responsorial Psalm Texts: Why They Sometimes Differ (Part I)

Posted by Anthony Gallina on 2/11/22

Question: Why does the text for the Responsorial Psalm sometimes differ between what is printed in the hymnal and what is sung?

Answer: There are two layers to this answer—the responses and the verses.

—For the responses, as long as all the words are present, composers have artistic ... Read More »

The Feast of the Presentation of the Lord: Candlemas

Posted by Anthony Gallina on 2/01/22

This Wednesday, February 2, is the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord. In the Traditional Latin Mass, it is known as the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Celebrated since the fourth century beginning in Jerusalem, it is one of the oldest feasts in the Church. This feast ... Read More »

The Final Song in the Liturgy: What is it Called and How Should We View its Purpose?

Posted by Anthony Gallina on 1/20/22

Singing in the liturgy has always been of the utmost importance even from the earliest days of the Church. Sing to the Lord: Music in Divine Worship says this: “Obedient to Christ and to the Church, we gather in liturgical assembly week after week. As our predecessors did, we find ... Read More »

The Evangeliary and Symbols of the Evangelists

Posted by Anthony Gallina on 1/14/22

Beginning on Christmas, hopefully you noticed a difference with the Evangeliary (Book of the Gospels) as Dcns. Paul or Dave carried it in procession. A parishioner donated funds to purchase a beautiful leather and brass cover. The stamped gold foil on the cover of the Evangeliary has worn off and the parishioner offered ... Read More »

The Roman Martyrology

Posted by Anthony Gallina on 1/07/22

The Roman Martyrology

On the Sunday before Christmas, I wrote about the Christmas Proclamation from The Roman Martyrology. This liturgical book, which sadly nowadays is fairly obscure, is a  list of over 7,000 saints and blessed of the Church. The first edition of The Roman Martyrology was authorized under ... Read More »

All About the Christmas Octave

Posted by Anthony Gallina on 12/22/21

Marry Christmas! From yesterday through January 1, the Church celebrates the Octave of Christmas where each of these days is another Christmas and is treated the same as December 25. In the Liturgy of the Hours, the psalms are the same each day. At Mass, the Gloria is sung and if The Roman ... Read More »


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