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Preparing for Pentecost!

nc4nsivjfod2cqfaxz81otxhycl.pngFriends, in two weeks we will celebrate the third greatest feast in the Church year: the Solemnity of Pentecost. On Friday, the day after the traditional date of the Ascension, we begin the Holy Spirit novena in preparation for the coming of the Spirit. The nine days between the Lord’s Ascension and the coming of the Spirit is traditionally called the proto-novena (“original”). During those days, the Apostles and Mary were in the Upper Room praying and waiting for the coming of the Paraclete.

On Saturday, May 22, we will have a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the Extended Vigil of Pentecost at the 4:30 PM Mass. This Mass is somewhat of a lost treasure that was discovered during the last revision of the Roman Missal in 2011. Originally drafted following the Council of Trent and the Missal of Pius V (Tridentine Mass), it was never used.

I will go into more detail regarding the Vigil next week, but know that it is similar in structure to the Easter Vigil and will last approximately 90 minutes. Let us prepare for the coming of the Spirit! Veni, Sancte Spiritus!



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