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Lumen Christi: Our Baptismal Call

At the Easter Vigil, the new paschal candle was carried into the pitch black church. As that single light pierced the darkness, a single voice then pierced the silence: “The Light of Christ.” The response from those gathered then resounded: “Thanks be to God.” Then the light began to spread as candles were lit one by one. Each baptized person present then held the lumen Christi: the light of Christ. It is in this very moving beginning to the Easter Vigil, where we truly can tangibly see, hear, and feel how even one person can make a difference when they are enlightened by Christ. As we celebrate the Sprinkling Rite in today’s liturgy, recalling our baptism and the candle which was presented to us, may we always remember we have been enlightened by Christ and are called to be the lumen Christi to the world.

Domini res gestas narrare laudare est: Hymns of the Liturgica Horarum: Dame  Aemiliana Lohr: Easter Vigil


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