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May 16, 2021


Dear Parishioners,

A few weeks ago we had another finance council meeting. Here are the highlights:

- We reviewed the usual finance reports: the balance sheet, the income and expense report, the aging report.

- The contract for the sale of the high school property to FEDC has now been signed by both the Bishop and the President of the FEDC. Now a title search is in process in preparation for closing.

- The Pink House property has now been seeded, since the lot was cleared.

- Checks for $5000 were sent to both Fremont Bishop Hoffman and Tiffin Calvert as parish support of our students in those schools. We used leftover funds from school accounts. As we use these funds in future support checks, we will designate their use for academic or extra-curricular areas for which the funds were first collected at our own school.

- It seems there are still some problems with the elevator in the old convent/offices. We might have to go to the company that bought out the company that installed the elevator to come up with a lasting solution. The current repair company said it can do no more.

- The automatic handicap door openers on both the east and west sides of the gathering space have been acting up for many months now. They randomly don't open as needed. New opener systems will be installed, costing about $7000. We need these doors to be reliable.

- We have been in contact with MGM Communications to ask when they will be able to provide the CPU and laptop for the permanent live streaming camera that has been installed. By the time you read this letter, those items should have been delivered.

- We are studying the recent history of TRIP monies in order to more accurately budget TRIP as a source for our Catholic school support in the future. Please consider TRIP as a way of helping the parish continue to support our Catholic schools. Contact Tami Honse or check the bottom of our website homepage for a list of companies you probably already use on a regular basis.

- After studying quotes from five companies, we decided to give the mausoleum roof repair project to Technique. That is pending permission from the Diocese, for which we sent in a letter two weeks ago. We already have the $41,500 needed for this project. $20,000 was found in a reserve account from a past parish capital campaign that never really happened. The donor was happy to have this money used for the mausoleum roof. The rest of the money came as a surprise donation. The project should happen in late June or early July; and it should take about a week to accomplish, contingent on weather.

- The budget for fiscal year July 2021–June 2022 was due to the Diocese on May 1. So, we looked at the income and expense budget for that entire fiscal year, line by line. To get to this final budget, Deb Brickner consulted with staff members for projections in their areas of responsibility. Then, Deb and I looked at the last two years of actual/budget reports, and the same for the current fiscal year thus far. Then, line-by-line, we made our best educated guess. (Of course, I'll take credit for next year's budget to the extent that it is accurate; and I'll find somebody else to blame wherever it proves inaccurate :)

So, there are the highlights. Have a blessed week!

In cordibus Iesu, Mariae et Iosephus,

Father Poggemeyer


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