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March 26, 2023


Dear Parishioners,

This past Wednesday I had a meeting with all of our musicians and cantors, just to fill them in with the status of our search for a pastoral associate for worship. With this letter, I wanted to inform you as well. The first thing to say is that nothing has really changed regarding the flow of applicants: there is no flow of applicants. I've not received an additional application ever since I last wrote about it in the bulletin. The two applicants we had (out of four) who seemed to be very good were way out of our salary range. It's just not right for a parish of our size, considering financial and demographic dynamics especially, to hire somebody in at tens of thousands of dollars more than the position was paying up until it became vacant.

On the other hand, we have had two pianists step up and offer to help – very capable pianists who I didn't even know had the skill. Then we still have a few organists in the area from outside the parish who are willing to be put in the rotation of Masses each month. Then I asked Dave Yost to help me plan and organize music for cantors and accompanists. He and I have been working closely together (usually using Anthony's past music plans as a basis) to plan and organize music.  I could imagine the current system working for quite a while, perhaps even permanently, if we do not find somebody to take the position.

I am very grateful that Marcie Williams and Shellie Gabel have agreed to get the choir together to make the Holy Thursday and Easter Vigil Masses more beautiful! And I am grateful that Kris Rosendale approached me with the rest of the Contemporary Ensemble to offer help with music. The Lord really is providing for us through their skilled ministry of music. The future of Bell Choir is still unknown. I believe Anthony said he didn't know bells when he arrived, but he learned them. If we are able to hire somebody, perhaps that person will be able to take on the direction of the Bell Choir.

I am going to repost the position in all the places we have had it so far, taking out the wording about livestreaming, just in case that turned anybody away. We have been able to keep livestreaming going, splitting duties among the staff, and also a few volunteers who help on some Sundays. So I took that wording out, and tweaked the rest of the wording just a bit. We'll repost the position, hoping to get a newly graduated music student, hopefully somebody we can afford. Here's what the new posting says:

St. Wendelin Parish is seeking to fill the full-time position of “Pastoral Associate for Worship”. This person works with the staff and liturgical ministers to accomplish beautiful weekend and holy day liturgies, funerals and weddings; plans and implements music, involving choir and ensembles; helps with training and scheduling of liturgical ministers. Requirements: Bachelor's degree in Sacred Music, Music Performance or Music Education, strong knowledge of Catholic liturgy. High proficiency in voice, organ and piano. This person will think and plan from the heart of the Church, appreciating music of the Catholic Tradition, such as hymns and chant. Please send cover letter, resume and references to St. Wendelin Parish, attn: Father Poggemeyer, 323 N. Wood St., Fostoria, Ohio 44830, or email at [email protected].

Have a blessed week!

In cordibus Iesu, Mariae et Iosephus,

Father Poggemeyer


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