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July 4, 2021


Dear Parishioners,

Last week we had another finance council meeting. Here are some highlights:

- We reviewed the normal finance reports: the balance sheet, the income and expense report, the aging report. With the new fiscal year beginning in July, we talked about starting up the internal audits that should be happening. These are short audits done by a finance council member each month, Basically doing some spot checking of expenses by following their records through the files and bank statements. The diocese provides a form to guide these monthly internal audits.

- As of the writing of this letter, our Annual Catholic Appeal for the Bishop is at 84.81% ($40,308) of our goal of $47,528. Continued thanks to everybody who has given thus far! Even the smallest gift matters! If you have not yet given, please consider doing so. You can easily find online my bulletin letter from months ago, where I describe why it's so important for us to be part of the diocesan mission by supporting the pastoral endeavors of the diocesan pastoral center. Thanks for considering a gift!

- Repair of the elevator in the parish offices should be happening by the time you read this. The original quote of $25,266 was revised down to $14,910. The company said there was an error with the computer, which tripled the amount of labor expected.

- We are awaiting both design and cost for replacing the current air conditioning coils in the utility room next to the hall. Right now we are running the normal schedule of air conditioning, but with half the power we had before, since we had to bypass half of the coils. We already received an anonymous gift of $10,000 towards this repair; and we are going to use money from the emergency maintenance fund ($6,846) for this project. I am quite sure the project will still be significantly more expensive than these two sums combined.

- We are waiting for the replacement of the compressor for one of the air conditioning units. We are also waiting for the new tops for the ice bins for the air conditioning system.

- We are waiting for the company that installed the new live streaming camera to install the necessary software onto the CPU and dedicated laptop, and then offer a training session for how to use it.

- The repair of the cemetery mausoleum roof and decorative cornice should start on July 12 or July 19.

- We looked at a sample charter for money we have invested in the trust endowment of the diocese. It's our hope to grow this fund with future gifts, especially for building projects and repairs, but with the possibility of use for other parish endeavors.

- Grubb construction came out in May to do routine maintenance and check for problems with our dome air handling system. They had to replace one part, in addition to the normal maintenance. The cost was $3,370. Routine checks and maintenance should happen once in the fall, and once in the spring.

So there are the highlights. On another note, I am going on vacation from the evening of July 4th through July 16th. I will be staying in a cabin near Hocking Hills. I'll be in touch by telephone as need be. A priest from Cross Catholic Outreach will be taking my weekend Masses, July 10-11. Cross Catholic Outreach is a great charity organization. I knew Jim Cavnar, its founder, back during my college years in Ann Arbor.

Have a blessed Fourth of July!

In cordibus Iesu et Mariae et Josephus,

Father Poggemeyer


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