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December 5, 2021


Dear Parishioners,

A couple weeks ago we had another finance council meeting. Here are the highlights:

- We reviewed the normal financial documents for the prior month: the balance sheet, the income and expense report, the aging report.

- A finance council member reported from his internal audit, following diocesan protocol, that everything looked good.

- We reported that the Educational Foundation sent bussing subsidy checks to both Tiffin Calvert and Fremont Bishop Hoffman schools.

- The mandated elevator inspection tagged the fact that some of the lights are out in the elevator. Our elevator company contacted the elevator inspector to notify them that we already have a contract signed to install a new ceiling with lights.

- I have to contact our a/c company to see how we can move a number of projects forward. My fear is that in the near future we will get stuck with another broken down air conditioning coil for the church, and have no air-conditioning for the church at some point next summer. We have to have new coils designed, and then built; and this will all take quite a lot of time. There are several other projects that have been on hold for at least a year.

- We believe we are a bit closer to deeding back the timeshare to its owner, the Sheraton Company. But, it has been a complicated, and a bit costly procedure and costly process.

- We received thank you notes from both Tiffin and Fremont Catholic schools for the parish support checks sent to them last month. 

- Somebody generously donated the replating and repair of our daily Mass chalice. It really was no longer safe for holding the Precious Blood at Mass. We are very grateful for this donation! The same donor replated a very worn out chalice for the rectory chapel.

- A couple of the basement window sills on the north side of the rectory are rotted. We are replacing the wood, and wrapping these windows with aluminum. Cost about $1,500. We are also putting in fill dirt on the north side of the rectory, hoping to slope the water away from the rectory from now on.

- The huge iron I-beam that supports the bell up in the dome has never been painted, and it is in need. Cost about $3,800. Grubb will do this work sometime this winter.

- Organ tuning cost $971. Thanks to those who gave money by means of our collection envelope for instrument maintenance!

- Repairing and replacing parts for the four emergency lights around the back of the church cost $733. You remember that a couple months ago the emergency lights all came on during a Saturday Mass. [It happened just as the homily was starting. What was God saying?!]

- We purchased a new grill for the rectory. The old one was kaput. The whole cost was donated.

- Fire system monitoring for the quarter cost $203. Security monitoring for the quarter cost $150. Elevator maintenance agreement for six months cost $500.

- Standard maintenance on the air handlers in the domes cost $2405.

- Half of the elevator's new ceiling and light system [soon to be installed] cost has been paid: $5184. We will pay the other half upon completion of the work.

- Installing the cross on the second cupola/dome ended up costing a bit more than was estimated, because there were some unforeseeable snags. Total cost $1700. Half of this was donated generously by a parishioner.

- Parts and installation for 15 new internet access points, and point-to-point wireless between rectory and church cost $2,693. Everybody in the offices and rectory has experienced significant problems, which we believe is due to the old wireless routers.

- At the time of writing this letter, the parish has reached 87.58% ($41,723) of its Bishop's Annual Catholic Appeal goal ($47,528). Many thanks to everybody who donated! There is still time to donate before the end of the year. The Diocese sent us a thank-you already, noting that we have raised almost $10,000 more for the ACA than we did in the past year (and I might add, in many years). Again, thank you to all who donated! It is a fine statement to the Diocese of our understanding that the Diocesan mission and the parish mission are intertwined.

- I have decided to hold finance council meetings every other month from now on – rather than every month. I think things have stabilized enough for us to do this. If I need to consult with the finance council in between meetings, I can always do this via email, or even zoom. Actually, we have done this  on a number of occasions since I arrived, even having to meet more than once a month when we faced some urgent dilemmas. At my other parishes, finance council meetings were held every other month. I am so grateful for the help that the council continues to give me!

Have a blessed week!

In cordibus Iesu, Mariae et Iosephus,

Father Poggemeyer


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