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April 2, 2023


Dear Parishioners,

Last week we had another bi-monthly finance meeting. Here are some highlights:

- We reviewed the normal financial statements: the balance sheet, the income and expense report, the accounts payable report. Also, a member of the finance council reported on the internal audit she did for the last couple months. Everything looked good with that audit.

- The church air conditioning coils which were redesigned have finally been installed. The coil that had been damaged during packaging was rebuilt with a new part.

- Findlay Plumbing & Heating replaced five of the six heating/AC valves that were leaking. There is still some leaking happening. A higher quality valve will be installed.

- There is no new news on the timeshare, which we are trying to give back to the parent company. A timeshare lawyer is tasked with handling paperwork between that company and the Bishop and his legal counsel, since the timeshare is in the Bishop's name.

- The status of the new storage building: We obtained permits from the City of Fostoria and from Wood County. The very day I am writing this letter, we received a report from the Diocesan building committee, after they examined in detail the engineering plans for the building. The building committee recommended a list of minor changes; and once these changes are made and approved by the building committee, it will probably take about another week to get approval from the Bishop.

- So far, we have received $58,000 back to the parish from the Diocesan capital campaign. Thanks to everybody who has given and continues to give to this campaign!

- We got a bid for the repair of the base of the cemetery monument – just under $25,000. We still have to deal with details, such as the bronze plaque memorializing the unborn on the face of the monument, the stone plaque remembering the donors of the monument, and the cost to repair the tear in the upright post of the crucifix. An anonymous donor already gave us $25,000 for the project. And, somebody else also offered to help with the cost.

- The sewer line backflow check valve coming into the building off of Fremont Street has been installed. We are awaiting the final invoice for this project. The quote for the project was very, very reasonable.

- We got back a very belated approval from the Diocese regarding our Fiscal Year 2021 Parish Annual Financial Report (turned in last Summer). We're glad everything was in place from the perspective of the Diocesan finance office.

- The oak trees which were damaged by lightning were taken down. The cost was $4300. We had received a second quote, which was for about the same amount; except that that second quote did not include grinding out the stumps of the trees. So, we believe we got a pretty good deal on the job, since the above cost did include grinding out the stumps.

- Our maintenance men, with a team of volunteer parishioners, have been changing out the burnt  light bulbs in the Church. We looked at a couple of burnt out bulbs. And we talked a bit about the fact that we might have enough bids in on the church lighting project to move forward with that. I am going to talk to somebody who knows electricity well, in order to figure out how best to decide the best contractors to choose.

- With all the trouble our wireless mics in the church and in the parish hall gave us for these winter months, we are purchasing new equipment. The equipment we are using goes back to the original building of the church, we believe. 

There are some highlights! Have a blessed Holy Week!

In cordibus Iesu, Mariae et Iosephus,

Father Poggemeyer


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