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St. Wendelin "In the News" Items for 2014-2015

Hello From St. Wendelin Catholic School!

PARENTS, In terms of the minimum requirements that need to be met according to the state to fulfill a school year, the change from "days" to "hours" essentially eliminates "calamity days.” In previous years, schools had to have a minimum of 182 instructional days and were allotted 5 calamity days, which did not need to be made up. In extreme cases such as last year, the state can allot additional calamity days that do not need to be made up. However, any missed days beyond that state allotted number, needed to be made up. That could be done by scheduling additional school days or using "blizzard bags", which are school assignments completed at home or online.

Now, that same concept applies to "hours of instruction.” If you take 182 days and multiply it by the minimum hours required to count as a school day (5.5), it equals 1001 hours, which is now the minimum requirement starting this current school year. This is for grades 7-12. For grades K-6 (5 hours required), the minimum number of hours is 910. Since there are no calamity days, schools can schedule excess hours above the minimum of 1001/910. Missed hours (2 hr. delays) or missed days (in our case 6.5 hrs.) are then deducted from those excess hours. At any point a school would drop below the minimum requirement, those hours would then need to be made up.

St. Wendelin has 1101 hours of instructional time scheduled, which is 100 hours more than required. For comparison purposes to last year, the extra 100 hours is equivalent to a little over 16 days of school. This is more than the number of days we missed last year. Therefore, we could miss 16 days of school and not need to add additional days or adjust our school day. In case of extreme situations once again (we pray not), St. Wendelin would schedule additional hours or days to make up the necessary time, as we much prefer the human interaction and teachable moments of classroom instruction over the blizzard bag option. We would not touch already scheduled professional development days or scheduled vacation days. We would add to the end of the year. Our scheduled last day is Friday, May 22nd. 

Once again, various factors that go into a decision to delay and/or close involve the following: Timing of the weather conditions and predictions, cold (air temp and wind chill), conditions on the ground (ice, sleet, snow, blowing/drifting), County Level Emergencies, conditions in the collective areas where our students and staff reside, neighboring school districts, etc. Most times it is a combination of numerous factors. It really is a circumstance by circumstance decision. Of course, I would like to emphasize parental involvement in deciding if your local or immediate circumstances warrant your child staying home when school is open. Attendance resulting from parent decisions in these types of situations only impacts your child’s attendance negatively if he/she has exceeded the number of unexcused absences/tardies. So rarely does this become an issue. As an update, we have closed 4 times and delayed 4 times. With the new “hours” standard, we could close school 11 more days without having to make up any time. So we are still sitting in a good situation. GOD BLESS!   

Mr. Mike Amlin, principal

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Letter to Parents expaining this program

At St. Wendelin Catholic School, we are dedicated to providing a safe and secure learning environment for your children and our students. However, a variety of factors affect this environment we seek to create in our school. Recent studies have shown that over 20% of students feel unsafe at school due to direct or observed stressors.

Through the Catholic Diocese of Toledo, St. Wendelin has implemented a web-based incident reporting tool called TIPS. TIPS is a comprehensive platform for reporting, tracking and documenting incidents and concerns. TIPS empowers students, parents, teachers and community members to be heard and to anonymously report incidents and concerns. The goal of TIPS is prevention and to help identify red flags and warning signs before an incident occurs or escalates.


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