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Welcome to the St. Wendelin High School Athletics Page

Here you will find general information about our sports programs.

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The student athletes competing at St. Wendelin Catholic School are committed to representing and upholding a tradition of excellence, physical fitness and competition.

Athletics is one of the worthwhile activities in which one can engage. The real value of athletics is not in the ends, but in the means. We should encourage our children to play sports not in the desperate hope that they may one day turn pro, but due to the values, habits, and life-lessons that are taught through athletics. No activity mirrors real life experiences the way an athletic contest does.

In life there is competition. We all hear how "it's not if you win or lose but it is how you play the game" but life IS a competition and it DOES matter if you "win or lose". You compete for jobs, compete for the best interest rates or simply as competition in bidding for the lowest price on eBay. It is athletic competition that teaches not only how to win but how to lose. It teaches us that it is imperative that Christ be at the center of all we do, in all parts of our life. Your support for these student athletes through victory and defeat is important to the success of all our athletic programs.

We greatly appreciate the continued support of our high school athletics program. St. Wendelin Catholic School recognizes countless number of volunteers, boosters, and parents that are necessary for our success and we are proud to recognize you for you contribution to our school and students.

We live in a town where community support for athletics is strong and vibrant! It is indeed rare where you find community support for a boosters club that supports two schools. Such is the support enjoyed by our Fostoria Athletic Booster Club. They work to support the athletic programs of both Fostoria High and St. Wendelin. Their efforts should be recognized and appreciated by all.

Please join us in as we celebrate our student’s efforts to compete and enjoy the opportunities that St. Wendelin has to offer by supporting our student athletes.

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