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Rates for 2014-2015

Actual Cost of Education (Grades K-6) $6,312.50

Catholic Parishioner Subsidy -3,575.00
Families of other faiths Subsidy -2,535.00

Registration Fee $85.00
Technology Fee $50.00
Activity Fee $15.00

Actual Cost of Education (Grades 7-8) $6,843.00

Catholic Parishioner Subsidy -3,715.00
Families of other faiths Subsidy -2,420.00

Registration Fee $85.00
Technology Fee $50.00
Activity Fee $35.00

Actual Cost of Education (High School) $8,164.00

Catholic Parishioner Subsidy -2,795.00
Families of other faiths subsidy - 835.00

Registration Fee $85.00
Technology Fee $50.00 ($150 for freshmen, sophomores, juniors)*
Activity Fee $115.00

Family Ceiling

Catholic Parishioner Rate $10,738.00

*Technology fee for freshmen and sophomores is $150, which includes a handheld tablet device that becomes the property of the student at graduation.

The technology fee is in place to ensure current infrastructure, software, and hardware, providing innovative learning experiences for students at all grade levels.

Tuition is the actual cost to educate a student, plus fees, minus applicable subsidy. You may also qualify for priority grants.


T.R.I.P. Fundraising Program

Every St. Wendelin Catholic School family is required to participate in T.R.I.P. (Tuition Reduction Incentive Program). Each year, the first $100 of credits earned will go directly to the school on a per student basis ($150 in credits required for families with more than one student.)

This system allows the responsibility for fundraising to be shared equally by all school families in the K-12 school system.

For families that choose to pay the fundraising fee with tuition, please include the amount for your student/s with your payment to the parish office by August 1, 2014.

Any balance to cover the fundraising fee at T.R.I.P.’s year end will be due by May 19, 2014. In May, the accumulated family credits are applied to the tuition account, less the $100/$150 fundraising fee.


Festival Volunteer Program

The St. Wendelin Parish Festival is a major source of revenue for the school. One hundred percent of proceeds from the festival is invested in the school’s educational programs and staffing.

  • Participation and involvement by every school family is vital to the success of this annual event.
  • A Festival Fee of $300 per family will be charged with tuition each year.
  • Any parent who completes a three hour work shift in any area of the festival during festival weekend (June 7,8,9, 2013) will eliminate the fee for the following school year.
  • Required student hours will not apply to this three hour minimum.

Families that are unable to fulfill this obligation may request an alternative opportunity to give three hours volunteer time to St. Wendelin Parish/School by contacting Brian Shaver, Director of Parish and School at 419-435-6692 or brian.shaver@stwendelin.org.


New Student “Finder’s Fee”

St. Wendelin Catholic School offers a 25% to 40% tuition incentive (finder’s fee) for families who are successful in seeking out and finalizing a new student registration (K-12) for the 2013-2014 school year. In order to receive the finder’s fee, follow the process outlined below:

  • The referring family must provide written notification to the SWCS Enrollment Manager, indicating the contact with the prospective student/family.
  • After the new student enrolls and remains in the SWCS system for at least 6 months, the finder’s fee will be applied to the referring family’s tuition account for the current year or the following year.
  • For a new student in grades 9-12, the finder’s fee is 25% of the new student’s tuition amount.
  • For a new student in grades K-8, the finder’s fee is 40% of the new student’s tuition amount.

In the case of multiple students in a family, the finder’s fee will be 25% to 40% of the new family’s total tuition.